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Our locations

We are operating on a global level: At our 8 locations worldwide, we produce and assemble your wiring and lighting products in the highest quality. We are also willing to develop new solutions and innovative products for you - regardless the industrial sector or field of application. You can benefit from our flexibility, smooth logistics and the excellent price-performance ratio.

Bayreuth (GER)

3.030 m² (1.390 m² logistics)
Dieter Braun GmbH
Gottlieb-Keim-Str. 25
95448 Bayreuth

Tel. +49(0)921 / 75756-100
Fax. +49(0)921 / 75756-066

Karlovy Vary (CZ)

Braun Kabel s.r.o.

Production area 3.440 m²

Braun Kabel s. r. o.
Závodní 319 (Areal „Kanov“)
360 18 Karlovy Vary

Sokolov (CZ)

OIET spol. s.r.o.

Production area 3.073 m²

OIET spol. s.r.o.
Stará Březovská 2280
356 01 Vitkov u Sokolova

Havlickuv Brod (CZ)

Elcatec s.r.o.

Production area 2.320 m²

Elcatec s.r.o.
Havirska 747
58001 Havlickuv Brod

Uzhgorod (UA)

FAVA Technics GmbH

Production area 1.000 m²

FAVA Technics GmbH
Pryladobudivnykiv 5
88015 Uzhgorod

Messadine (TN)

SOP 04/23
Production area 1.200 m²

Dieter Braun Tunisia sarl.
Citė Ezzayatine
Zone industrielle
Ksibet Sousse 4041

Cd. Juarez (MX)

Braun Tek Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Production area 2.316 m²

Braun Tek Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Calle Capulin No. 6650
C.P. 32690, Cd. Juarez, Chih.

Tel. +52 6564111-193

TianJin (CN)

BraunTech (Tianjin) Co.,Ltd

Production area 1.780 m²

BRAUNTech (TianJin) Co.,Ltd 
West 3rd Floor, No.11 Plant, No.6, Hechang Road,
Wuqing Development Area, 
301700 Wuqing,Tianjin,China

Tel.: +86 22 82121772

Krajkova (CZ)

Production area 1.221 m²

Oiet spol. s.r.o.
Krajkova 264
357 08 Krajkova, Tschechien

Impressions from our locations

Dieter Braun GmbH • Gottlieb-Keim-Str. 25 • D-95448 Bayreuth • Locations